MIND AND ADVENTURE.COM  is now Osfas.com we are still the same organization, however we want to make it easy for our customer to find us online. easy just type Osfas.com.

MIND AND ADVENTURE is affiliating to the biggest names online. We have shown thousands of products and we have hundreds of Advertisers that trusted our sites to display their products. We have so far delivered millions of impressions that led to sales, and our sites have been viewed all over the world.


2010 has been an excellent year in term of experience, and we are growing a lot. We are well placed on the biggest search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. We are getting more and more organic traffic from Bing, Yahoo, and Google all over the world. We can also be found on hundreds of local search engine.


We standardize our sites at the end of the year to transform it more into a brand that will be more recognizable. We are working hard to make our sites an ultimate destination to find the best products by minimizing the time spending to search all over the internet for specific products.


We are connecting with the biggest online retailers like Amazon.com and affiliates like Linkshare, CJ, which make it easy to find the biggest names on the market such as Microsoft, Toshiba, Kodak, Bestbuy, Buy.com, Zappos.com, Nokia, At&t and Walmart etc…


We have a big travel section that exhibits all the sites that customers can buy their airlines tickets such as Cheaptickets, Orbitz, Hotwire, Priceline, Ontravel, CheapOair, and one of the biggest vacation site Sandales and many other specializing companies in the domain of traveling.


We deliver our services through 7 mains sites of MIND AND ADVENTURE. CLOTHING TOWN - JEWELRY SENSATION - FRAGRANCE TOWN – ELECTRONIC TOWN - TRAVEL MULTI – BOOKS – VG (video games) & hundreds of astore from amazon.com


 This year we added a French version to reach the European customers and by next year we will open the market to French Speaking Canadian, where they can purchase in Canadian dollar.

  Thanks to all of our affiliates who believe in us and trust us with their products. A big thanks you to our customers who believe in us and purchase through our sites.


Happy New Year 2011


A shopping Ambiance in one stop shop for all shopping shoppers!